How to fix Project Cars 3 Blurry Screen

Are you experiencing a flickering, pixelated, or blurry screen in Project Cars 3? It has happened with the past installation of the game and has carried on to the recent update. Don’t worry, there is no problem with your system or the game, the main culprit is the graphics configuration and the solution for the … Read more


How to fix Valorant error code 38

Learn how you can fix the Valorant error code 38 that randomly causes crashes while in-game, or sometimes while loading up the game itself or even just by staying at the lobby. The Valorant error code 38 can be caused by various factors such as some ordinary server disconnection, game ports being blocked and so … Read more

How to fix Hyperscape the procedure entry point error or vulkan-1 dll error

Fix Hyperscape The Procedure Entry Point Error

In this article I’ll show you the possible solutions to fix Hyperscape the procedure entry point error or vulan-1.dll hyperscape error while playing the newly released open-beta game Hyperscape. There could be a number of possible causes for this one such as outdated graphics card, missing vulkan-1 dll file, and other gpu related problems. I … Read more