How to fix Project Cars 3 Blurry Screen

Are you experiencing a flickering, pixelated, or blurry screen in Project Cars 3? It has happened with the past installation of the game and has carried on to the recent update. Don’t worry, there is no problem with your system or the game, the main culprit is the graphics configuration and the solution for the issue is easy and quick. So, stick around and we will teach you how to fix the Project Cars 3 blurry screen.


Fix Project Cars 3 Blurry Screen

It doesn’t matter if your system is a high-end specs because the problem is not associated with the hardware, but the game configuration. Once you fix that, the blurriness issue of the game will also be fixed. The game’s textures and MSAA play an important role in affecting the clarity of the game. Ideally, it is recommended to have the textures set to the max setting and the MSAA at around medium. This should give you a much smoother gaming performance and experience in Project Cars 3 and the blurriness should disappear.

Another important aspect of the Nvidia configuration settings that plays an important role is the Antialiasing feature. The game appears to have a terribly coded TAA or FXAA. While people on 4K resolution may not noticeably spot any problem with the screen, the problem escalates when you start playing at 1080p.

People who have Nvidia RX or RTX graphics card, it is best to configure the Super Sampling option to max and it should fix Projects Cars 3 blurry screen. But, if for example, you are running a lower-end graphics card, make sure to avoid tinkering with the Super Sampling setting or the game becomes almost unplayable.

However, there are still other ways you can improve and enhance the sharpness of the game without sacrificing much of the game’s performance. To do this, you need to open up the Nvidia Control Panel. You can do so by right-clicking on your desktop and launching the Control Panel.

Once, you have the Nvidia Control Panel launched and opened up, follow the steps below:

  1. First, Go to Manage 3D setting > Program Settings on the Nvidia Control Panel window.
  2. Under Select a program to customize, choose Project Cars 3 (If the game is not listed in the list of programs, browse the installation folder of Project Cars 3 and add then the game executable pCARS3.exe)
  3. From the list of settings in the 3rd option, locate “Image Sharpening” option.
  4. Make sure to turn it on and then set Sharpen to 0.60 and Ignore film grain to 0.17

And that should do the trick! Try relaunching the game and check if Project Cars 3 blurry screen is now fixed.

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