How to Fix The Sims 4 MSVCP120.dll Error

The Sims 4 is one of the most popular life-simulation games that allows you to control and create people. Despite its popularity, errors and bugs are inevitable especially when installing or playing the game for the first time or even during updates. One of the most common issues is The Sims 4 MSVCP120.dll Error or mscvcp120.dll is missing error message that shows up upon launching the game.

Mscvcp120.dll was not found error in the Sims 4 is not the end of the world! What can you do to fix this error? Stick around and learn the possible solutions that will help you resolve this error.

Fix The Sims 4 MSVCP120.dll Error

The Sims 4 MSVCP120.dll error is one of the common errors encountered when launching the game upon installation. In order to fix The Sims 4 MSVCP120.dll Error, there are various ways and solutions which you can try to fix. This is error is resulted by an issue or missing component in the particular machine or system trying to run the game.

Fix 1: Update Graphics Drivers

This might be way too obvious already, but updating the graphics drivers is a very crucial step which is usually forgotten by many users due to its simplistic solution. Make sure to have your AMD/NVIDIA/Intel graphics drivers updated to ensure that the game is able to run with full functionality and compatibility. If the error still persists, follow the other tips below.

Note: You can opt to download the Automatic Installer / Detection feature for NVIDIA / AMD and INTEL if you’re not sure which graphics card driver to download.

Fix 2: Install Required DLL Component

The next step that you can do is to download the msvcp120 DLL component and put it on your game directory folder. The Sims 4 MSVCP120.dll Error looks for the component particularly the MSVCP120.dll needed to run the game. By downloading the DLL component manually and placing it in the directory of the game, it allows the game to be able to use the missing DLL component thus oftentimes fixes the game itself.

To download the component, click the download button below. Then right click your The Sims 4 shortcut file on your desktop then select the Open File Location option. It’ll take you to the folder/installation directory of the game and make sure to paste the MSVCP120.dll file in that same directory where the Sims 4 is installed. Once done, try re-launching the game and see if the game now works. If it still fails to run, you can follow the remaining solution/s below.

Download MSVCP120.DLL

Fix 3: Reinstall the Game

Lastly, if every fix mentioned above fails to fix MSVCP120.dll error on the Sims 4 game, what you can do is to try reinstalling the game. The game files could possibly got corrupted during the installation, update or even while running the game itself due to various lots of possible reason.

If you happen to have tried the initial two fixes and yet still receive the same MSVCP120.dll is missing error on the Sims 4, a simple reinstall of the game might be the last solution to fix this error on your end.

That’s it! We hope by the end of this article you are now able to fix the sims MSVCP120.dll is missing error and you are now able to play the game properly. If you have a better solution that wasn’t mentioned in this guide feel free to share it on the comment section down below to help others!

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