How to fix Valorant error code 38

Learn how you can fix the Valorant error code 38 that randomly causes crashes while in-game, or sometimes while loading up the game itself or even just by staying at the lobby.


The Valorant error code 38 can be caused by various factors such as some ordinary server disconnection, game ports being blocked and so on.

To fix this issue you can go ahead and try the possible fixes for this issue.

1. Re-launch Valorant Game

For starters, a simple restart of your Valorant game tends to fix the issue.

So go ahead and try simply restarting your Valorant game by properly closing your game through the Lobby > Gear Icon on the top-right portion of your screen and select Exit to Desktop.

2. Add Game Properly to Firewall

If a simple re-launch of the game won’t fix your problem, go ahead and follow this updated steps on how you can add properly every executables of Valorant as an exception to your Windows Firewall.

Firewall blocking the game is one of the most common reason for this particular error code 38 on Valorant.

Open up Start Menu and search for Firewall & Network Protection and open it up.


Click on the Allow an app through Firewall and click on the Change Settings button with the administrator shield icon.


Click on Allow another app button then browse for your Valorant shortcut file on desktop. Select the shortcut file and hit open button. It will add an app called RiotClientServices.


Then add another app then navigate to your Valorant installation path. Open up the Valorant Folder.


Open the live folder and add the Valorant.exe application to the firewall.


This will add an app called BootstrapPackagedGame, and make sure that it is allowed for both private and public networks.


Allow another app one last time, while on the same path navigate through Valorant Installation Path – “Valorant/live/shootergame/binaries/win64/” and then add the VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe to the exceptions.


Be sure to have the rules for Valorant, BootstrapPackagedGame and RiotClientServices apps to be allowed both for private and public networks by ticking the respective checkboxes.

Then go ahead and see if that fixes the error code 38 on your Valorant game.

3. Restart your router / modem

If the firewall trick didn’t fix this error on your end, try restarting your router / modem as it might fix this issue.

Go ahead and turn off your router / modem for at least 1 minute before turning it back on to have its IP configuration refreshed.

Check if the game now works out fine!

4. Check if any antivirus blocks Valorant

Although this is already common, but some users reported that their third-party firewall or antivirus is the leading cause for this particular error code 38 on Valorant.

So be sure to check, especially if you have an third-party firewall other than the default Windows Defender to add the executables as shown on the 2nd method to the exceptions.

And see if that fixes your problem.

5. Check Servers / Contact Riot Support

Another reason that could possibly cause this disconnection while you are in-game is a simple SERVER MAINTENANCE.

Be sure to give it a check if the servers of Valorant is currently undergoing maintenance or issues.

Otherwise, if you’ve exhausted all option, your last resort is to contact riot support by opening a ticket here.

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