How to change Wifi Password PLDT Home Fibr 2020

Learn how you can change wifi password on pldt home fibr router 2020. It might be intimidating when trying to change wifi password on pldt home fibr but follow along in this beginners friendly guide. Making sure that no unauthorized users are connected to your PLDT WiFi is crucial as they could be hogging up your bandwidth and speed thus makes your internet experience sluggish.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through step-by-step on how you can change the wifi password on your pldt home fibr router.

The steps on this video will be demonstrated using the router AN5506-04-FA PLDT ONU Router but the steps are generally applicable to almost any type/model of router.

Follow along the steps written below or through the video tutorial embedded on this page.

Video Tutorial

How to change Wifi Password on PLDT Home Fibr Router

To change the wifi password on PLDT Home Fibr router we need first to access the login page of the router.

By default the address is so go ahead and open up a web browser (preferably modern browsers such as Google Chrome / Firefox / Opera / etc.) and enter this on the address bar: or (with or without the https:// see which works out for you.)

Access the login page of your PLDT Home Fibr Router

If you are shown with this kind of error “Your connection is not private” simply click the advanced button and click on Proceed to (unsafe)

Login page connection is not private pldt error
Note: I have changed my router ip address from to

Afterwards, you will be taken to this login page. (The user interface / design may vary depending on your PLDT Home Fibr router)

PLDT Login Page

By default, the username is admin and the password is 1234 or 12345. This password may change if you’ve changed this already before.

Upon logging in it might ask you to change your password since the password 1234 is not secure and can be easily guessed by anyone connected on your router.

PLDT Change Initial Password Prompt

You MAY or MAY NOT see this kind of screen but if you do simply enter the old password “1234” and enter your new own password.

If you see this configuration prompt

New Passwords MUST include characters, numbers, and symbols. (Eg. !*TestPassword01) will work but (Eg. TestPassword) will not be accepted as it doesn’t have symbol/s and/or numbers in it.

The same goes with the 2.4G SSID1 and 5GSSID1 Passwords they must also meet the same requirement.

For the SSID Name, it represents the “Wifi Name” on your router so what you input to the SSID Name will be basically your Wifi Name.

Once configuring everything hit the apply button and you’ll be able to login.

If you didn’t see that configuration prompt

You can simply go ahead and continue along in this tutorial.

You will now be taken to this page and dashboard.

PLDT Device Information Page

Click on the Network -> Advanced and you will be shown with options to select which wifi ssid number you would like to change/configure.

Network Tab

To change the password, be sure to have the Security Mode under the Security Policy set to WPA/WPA2/WPAPSKWPA2PSK any of the security modes.

Then change the WPA Algorithms to TKIPAES and enter the wifi password you want to use under the Passphrase.

Change Wifi Password Router

Once done changing the wifi password, go ahead and don’t forget to apply the changes by hitting the Apply button.

Depending on your router, but on this particular router you can have up to 4 (Four) 2.4 Ghz Wifi SSIDs you can navigate through changing the SSID Choice.

Select Router SSID

And to change the PLDT HOME FIBR wifi password for the 5Ghz frequency, just simply go to the 5G Advanced tab and you will be shown with the similar configuration page.

Once done you can now reconnect to your wifi ssid and see if the passwords have been changed successfully.

Leave your comments, feedbacks down below or through YouTube comment section! I would love to hear your feedback and share your problems through the community and friendly tech-savy people might give you a hand.

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