PLDT Fibr Boost 2.4 Ghz Best Wifi Settings

In this video-article, I’ll be showing you how you can boost your PLDT Fibr’s 2.4 Ghz Wifi Network. Settings shown on this video tutorial may vary depending on your router however terminologies are usually similar to one another.

Steps & Instructions

  1. Download & Install Wifi Channel Scanner or you may install on your mobile phone Wifi Analyzer.
  2. Login to your PLDT Home Fibr Router using the FULL ADMIN ACCESS.
    • To learn more on how to access the FULL ADMIN ACCCESS of PLDT Fibr Router check out this video tutorial or article.
  3. Follow along the video tutorial, on how you can use the app to choose the best wifi channel for your 2.4 Ghz wifi network and change the necessary settings as shown on the video.

Video Tutorial

Required resources