Play Stardew Valley with friends online for free LAN 2020

In this video-article tutorial, I’ll be showing you the step-by-step guide on how you can install and play Stardew Valley with your friends online for free using LAN.

You’ll be needing to download a Windows/Mac APP called Zero-Tier One which will be used on the video tutorial. You can download the app using the download button link below.

Video Tutorial

Signup for Zero-Tier One

To use the Zero-Tier service, you’ll be needing to create a free account. Create your account or login if you have already your existing account here.

Fix: Stardew Valley not opening / launching on Windows 10

To fix Stardew Valley failure to open/launch on Windows 10 you have to install and update some pre-requisite components.

These components are needed to run the game especially on Windows 10 namely .net frameworks, xna frameworks, direct x, etc.

I have compiled the redist pack into an archive which can be downloaded below.

Stardew Valley Fix for Windows 10

  • Download and extract the redist pack on a folder.
  • Open the folder, _Redist upon extraction, and install all the setup files in the folder.
  • Run the dxwebsetup.exe (DirectX web setup which requires internet connection) will install the update direct x component for the graphics requirements of Stardew Valley, next the oalinst.exe, followed by vcredist_x86 setup (Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package) and lastly the xnafx40_redist setup.
  • Once done, reboot your computer and relaunch Stardew Valley and see if that fixes the issue.

Download Redist Pack