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Fix Valorant vcruntime140.dll Missing Error

How to Fix Valorant vcruntime140.dll Missing Error

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Learn how to fix Valorant vcruntime140.dll missing error with our compiled steps and tutorials that would fix this issue. Valorant has been giving out lots of error codes which fortunately most of them have a corresponding workaround. However, just recently, reports from players hinted this new kind of problem that is related with the dll … Read more


Fix Valorant Error Code 57: Vanguard is not initialized

Valorant has officially another new error code on the list. Learn how you can fix Valorant error code 57: “Vanguard is not intialized” issue when playing the game. This issue is often related with the Riot anti-cheat system called “Vanguard”. There are various ways and methods to fix this particular issue. One of which is … Read more


How to fix Valorant High Ping Spikes in Philippines / SEA Server

Learn how to fix Valorant High Ping Spikes in Philippines/SEA Server. In this video-article tutorial, I’ll be showing you how you can address this high ping issue on Valorant especially if you are playing on Philippines, SEA Server or anywhere in ASIA. I will be showing you 5 methods that could possible fix this issue … Read more


How to fix Valorant error code 68

In this article I’ll show you how you can fix Valorant error code 68 with the possible methods / solutions! Fix Valorant Error Code 68 This guide will practically address the particular error, “Valorant has encountered a connection error, please re-launch the game” with the error code 68 shown along with this error window. A … Read more

How to fix Valorant error code 138 connection error

Learn how to fix Valorant error code 138 connection error easily with all the possible fix or solution. Valorant error code 138 can be fixed by these methods. This error are reported to be occurring just recently with lower-end computers and so I have compiled the possible solutions SO FAR for this particular error code … Read more

How to quickly enable fps and ping counter in Valorant

Learn how you can quickly enable fps and ping counter in Valorant! In this article, If you’ve been an old-time FPS player before you will know how important it is to have the FPS and Network Latency / Ping shown right on your screen! If you are just starting out, well it’s never too late … Read more


How to surrender in Valorant

Wondered how you can surrender in Valorant? Here’s how! Due to the growing popularity of Valorant, many players are just struggling to match the opponent’s skills and difficulty. The game itself is more complex that what it may look like on first impression. There are games where the opponents are just way to better than … Read more

Ultimate Valorant FPS-Boost Settings and Tweaks (5 Methods)

Learn how you can tweak Valorant to gain significant increase/boost in FPS up to 60-140 fps! You may have a potato machine that’s already few decade old and in this article I’ll share the settings and configurations that you must adjust to improve your gaming experience! Video Tutorial FPS-Boost Tweak Outline Tweak Valorant’s In-Game Settings … Read more