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Best Free SEO Tools for Plagiarism Checking 2020


SEO Tools for Plagiarism is one of the most essential tools for checking quality and originality of content that you are making/publishing. There are paid and free SEO tools for Plagiarism checking out there but I’ll be sharing you the best free SEO tools for plagiarism that performs it’s job properly. It is important to publish quality content articles thus one way of doing so is by making sure that your content is not plagiarized by others.


I will run down the best free SEO Tools for Plagiarism checking so far on this article. So go ahead and check out their advantages, brief review and disadvantages and weigh which one you’d like to keep or use.

Best Free SEO Tools for Plagiarism Checking

The most important thing about these tools is the effectiveness of it’s function which is to detect Plagiarism. I have used quite several plagiarism checker tools however some fails to do it’s job, while some may work better when used in a different scenario compared to the other.

1. Copyscape

One of the most useful, and powerful plagiarism checker tools out there is Copyscape. It offers paid and limited free plagiarism checking features. In the SEO industry, Copyscape proves itself as a trustworthy plagiarism checker tool that performs its job beyond typical. The overall site’s interface and design also looks a little bit out of date comparing it to paid seo tools for plagiarism such as Grammarly, Copyleaks, etc.

To provide a summary, here are the pros and cons of this tool:


  • Great detection capabilities
  • Able to submit page URL for detection
  • Free; No Registration needed


  • Strictly limited to 3-5 checks per day
  • Unable to upload a file / manual text
  • Outdated user interface

To use this tool, visit this link.

2. Plagiarismdetector

Another free and useful SEO tools for plagiarism checking is the Plagiarism detector. Plagiarism detector, unlike Copyscape is entirely free SEO tool which gives you unlimited numbers of queries per day. You can manually insert a text to run the plagiarism detection tool, upload a document file, or even just simply put the website page URL you want to check. The tool despite being free, has also limitations like any other tools out there. You are only limited to a maximum of 1,000 words per queries and if you need more than that, you’ll have to upgrade to its pro version. What I like about this tool is that similar to Copyscape, the detection rate of the tool is quite impressive despite just being a free tool.

Plagiarism detector tool also summarizes up the reports and highlights plagiarized parts of the text along with the links of the possible source in which it got plagiarized.


  • Ability to check document, URL or manually entered text
  • Unlimited usage per day; No Registration needed
  • Free; Ability to also check grammars
  • Good detection capabilities


  • Limited to 1,000 words per query
  • ADS Supported site (lots of promotion and ads)
  • Some rephrased/SPUN articles are not detected

You can use this Plagiarism detector by going here.

3. Duplichecker

Duplichecker also deserves a spot in this list of free SEO tools for Plagiarism. This tool is quite similar looking with the Plagiarism detector and also offers identical features. It has the same ability to check using URL, document file or manual text input. Each query is also limited to 1,000 words similar to the Plagiarism detector’s limit.

What makes Duplichecker different is that it has other SEO tools packed along with its free plagiarism checker. Plus, accessing those won’t require you to signup or register for an account. It also has a keyword research tool, backlink tool, long-tail keyword research tool, and so on.



  • Check document, URL or manually entered text for Plagiarism
  • Unlimited usage; No registration required
  • Free; Has other useful free SEO tools


  • Average detection capability
  • 1,000 words limit per query
  • Unable to detect some plagiarized content
  • ADS Supported site

You can check out Duplichecker along with it’s other tools here.

That’s it so far! That’s the best free SEO tools for Plagiarism which I can recommend and have personally tried. If you have any SEO tool in mind that’s not covered in this article or have any feedbacks or suggestion, feel free to leave a comment below!


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