How to change wifi password pldt home fibr 2020

How to change Wifi Password PLDT Home Fibr 2020

Learn how you can change wifi password on pldt home fibr router 2020. It might be intimidating when trying to change wifi password on pldt home fibr but follow along in this beginners friendly guide. Making sure that no unauthorized users are connected to your PLDT WiFi is crucial as they could be hogging up … Read more

How to limit wifi / lan users on PLDT Fibr Router (NO QOS)

Learn how you can limit wifi / lan users on PLDT Fibr Router without the need of QOS. In this article, I included a video tutorial to demonstrate the needed steps to do this kind of feature on your laptop / desktop without the need of router QOS. Video Tutorial Download Arcai-Net Cut Steps & … Read more

PLDT Fibr Boost 2.4 Ghz Best Wifi Settings

In this video-article, I’ll be showing you how you can boost your PLDT Fibr’s 2.4 Ghz Wifi Network. Settings shown on this video tutorial may vary depending on your router however terminologies are usually similar to one another. Steps & Instructions Download & Install Wifi Channel Scanner or you may install on your mobile phone … Read more

PLDT: Limit Wifi Speed using Telnet on PLDT Fibr Router

This will be a step-by-step guide on how you could limit wifi speeds using the telnet method on your PLDT Fibr router. NOTE: On the video, a lot got confused about the set part, I wasn’t hitting the enter key but rather I was pressing tab to fill up the next possible command automatically. I … Read more

How to enable LAN PORTS on PLDT ONU Fibr Router

A step-by-step guide and procedure on how you could enable all LAN PORTS on your PLDT Fibr Router. Before you could enable your router’s lan ports, you’ll need to know how you could access your PLDT Router’s FULL admin account. Yes, that’s right FULL ADMIN account is different from your default admin account provided by … Read more

PLDT Full Admin Access Credentials (RP2602 RP2613 RP2627 RP2646 and RP2684)

The latest as of (April 2020) full admin credentials to PLDT Home Fibr routers version RP2627, 2646 and RP2684 will be posted here along with the step-by-step instructions to assist you in accessing your PLDT router. Video Tutorial Credentials (RP2646 & RP2684) FIBERHOMESUPERADMIN ACCOUNT Router address: Username: [email protected]#r$a%d^m*i(n Password: s)f_U+h|g{[email protected] FIBERHOMESUPERADMIN ACCOUNT CREDENTIALS TESTED … Read more