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How to surrender in Valorant


Wondered how you can surrender in Valorant? Here’s how!


Due to the growing popularity of Valorant, many players are just struggling to match the opponent’s skills and difficulty. The game itself is more complex that what it may look like on first impression. There are games where the opponents are just way to better than your team and surrendering is the only key to end the endless battle fights.

In response to this, Riot Games has added a surrender feature to Valorant, allowing players to bow down to their opposing team early even before the match is concluded–free of consequences.

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How do you Surrender in Valorant?

To surrender in a Valorant match, a player can use either of the three commands into the game-chat. “/surrender”, “/concede”, and “/ff” are all the commands viable to end a game. This will begin a surrender vote, a system that is common in all pro-league games such as League of Legends, in which all teammates will get a notification that a surrender option has been started. Hence, other players on the team can vote yes or no to the surrender using the keys F5 and F6 respectively. Alternatively, players can also vote by typing the “/yes” or “/no” command into the chat. For a surrender vote to pass, each member of the team needs to vote in favor of surrendering the entire match. If a SINGLE player votes no, or no one votes at all then the match will continue.

What do you think about this surrender feature of Valorant?

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