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Warzone leak Counter-UAVS are soon available to Buy Stations


Counter-UAVS killstreak might be game-changer to endless UAV spotting. A new leak reaveals that Call of Duty: Warzone might have a new counter-uavs killstreak available on buy station to prevent enemy uavs


On the recent updates of Call of Duty: Warzone, a Counter UAV feature was added to the game whenever a team uses four UAVs simultaneously.

A new leak however hints that you will no longer buy four UAVs but rather it’ll become a purchasable item just like any other killstreak from a Buy Station anytime soon.

Call of Duty: Warzone players has recently discovered that by using four UAVs simultaneously, a Counter-UAV will take in effect for the enemy teams. The effect results to blocking of the mini-map which could overturn chances of enemy teams to advance into the safe zone since the mini-map is a crucial tactical aspect in Warzone. The cost of four UAVs is $16,000 which is a lot of money especially when you have to keep some for later tactical teammate revives or some handy gas mask.

Players have revealed screenshots of the Counter UAV that they were able to find as a purchasable item in the Buy Station. The Counter UAV killstreak costs $4,500, which is the same price for buying a Self-Revive Kit and $500 more than the regular UAV killstreak.

Players have posted screenshots of the Counter UAV included in the Buy Station as a purchasable item. The killstreak costs $4,500, which is the same amount as a Self-Revive Kit and $500 more than a UAV. 

The killstreak however hasn’t been officially confirmed by Call of Duty developers but it would be a game-changer when it becomes officially available in the Buy Stations.

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