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Fix Hyperscape The Procedure Entry Point Error

How to fix Hyperscape the procedure entry point error or vulkan-1 dll error

In this article I’ll show you the possible solutions to fix Hyperscape the procedure entry point error or vulan-1.dll hyperscape error while playing the newly released open-beta game Hyperscape.


There could be a number of possible causes for this one such as outdated graphics card, missing vulkan-1 dll file, and other gpu related problems.

I will show you here 5 major solutions for this particular error.

Fix Hyperscape The Procedure Entry Point Error

This kind of error in Hyperscape can be solved by a number of particular ways. This error points out that there’s something wrong with your system files and configuration, graphics driver incompatible/outdated drivers. Updating your graphics drivers usually addresses this issue but you might still be shown with the vulkan-1.dll hyperscape error. To fix this error on Hyperscape, simply follow through the detailed steps down below:

Fix 1: Update your graphics drivers

Yep, you might have heard this tip / solution too often times but this solution worked out for the most number of users that are trying to play the newly launched game! Updating your graphics drivers is one of the most important step in making sure that your graphics card is compatible with the game. The most practical method to do first when trying to fix Hyperscape The Procedure Entry Point Error is to update your graphics drivers. To update your drivers, follow the instructions below.

So go ahead to your Start menu > Search for device manager > Expand the Display Adapters to know which graphics card are you using.

Go to the official drivers download site depending on your manufacturer:


After the update process, restart your computer and see if Hyperscape is now working properly. Otherwise, if you encounter still the same error or the vulkan-1.dll hyperscape error, proceed e with the next step below which is to download the vulkan-1.dll itself and place it on your system.

Fix 2: Download Vulkan-1.dll for Hyperscape

Another fix for this particular issue is by downloading the vulkan-1.dll for your system. However, before doing this step, ensure that you have updated your graphics drivers to the latest version. Vulkan-1.dll Hyperscape error means that the game fails to launch or load properly due to the missing required DLL library component. So in order to resolve this missing library file, simply download the vulkan-1.dll and place it on your system folders and game directory folders. To do so, follow the steps:

Installing Vulkan-1.dll on System Folders

  1. Download Vulkan-1.dll.
  2. After downloading, extract the file to C:\Windows\System32
  3. If prompted to replace, select overwrite and replace.
  4. Next, extract the file in C:\Windows\SYSWOW64
  5. If prompted to replace, select overwrite and replace.

Note: You must have administrative privilege on your windows account to place these files on the system folders.

Next, Install Vulkan-1.dll on Hyperscape

  1. Open the download Vulkan-1.dll archive/zip file.
  2. Go to your Hyperscape installation directory folder, or
  3. Go to Ubisoft Game Launcher folder
    • C:\Program Files\Ubisoft Game Launcher or
    • C:\Program Files(x86)\Ubisoft Game Launcher
  4. Open the games folder, then open up Hyper Scape.
  5. Place the vulkan-1.dll on this folder.

Go ahead and try relaunching the game once done and see if the error got fixed.

Fix 3: Set Hyperscape as High Performance

Another reason that could be causing this error on Hyperscape is that the system fails to provide the best graphics performance on the game itself. You can change this performance profile on Windows 10 to ensure that Hyperscape’s utilizes your GPU processing power. To change the gaming profile, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Start Menu > Search for Graphics Settings.
  2. Open up Graphics Settings and browse for the Hyperscape game shortcut on your desktop.
  3. Set the graphics preference to High Performance.

After that, go ahead and try playing Hyperscape and see if Hyperscape The procedure entry point error is now fixed. If it still shows you the error, try these other fixes below.

Fix 4: Update the Driver using Device Manager

If in any case, the fixes above didn’t manage to solve Vulkan-1.dll error on Hyperscape, you can try updating your graphics driver using the device manager app on Windows. Sometimes, if your graphics card is no longer supported on the official website, a more updated graphics driver can be downloaded from the Windows Update repositories itself using the “Update Driver” option.

To update your graphics card using the device manager simply do these steps:

  1. Open up again Device Manager by searching “Device Manager” on your start menu.
  2. Expand the Display adapters and right click your display adapter.
  3. Click on Update Driver option. Wait for it to finish.
  4. Restart your computer afterwards.

Hopefully by that time, you manage to get Hyperscape The Procedure Entry Point Error fixed already. If still in any rare cases you still encounter the same error, kindly check the last fix on this guide.


Fix 5: Uninstall “unused” graphics drivers

Your last resort to fixing this problem is to check if you have any unused graphics drivers laying around on your computer. When you’ve upgraded or installed a new graphics card even a long time already, tendencies is that there’s still “leftover” driver laying around unused by your previous old graphics card or onboard graphics card. This can cause an issue with Hyperscape as instead of using your new GPU, Hyperscape might be forcing to use the old graphics driver detecting it as incompatible or outdated hence showing you Vulkan-1.dll error or The Hyperscape Procedure Entry Point error.

If you happen to have an extra graphics card driver installed on your computer, you can uninstall them by:

  1. Go to the Windows device manager app.
  2. Expand the display adapters, then identify which graphics driver is no longer being used.
  3. Right-click the graphics adapter and select the uninstall option.

Reboot your computer and see if the issue has been fixed. Hopefully by this time, you are now able to play the game without any issue. If you are confused with any particular step, feel free to watch and follow the video tutorial below and let me know your feedbacks in the comments section down below!

Video Tutorial


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