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How to fix Valorant error code 68


In this article I’ll show you how you can fix Valorant error code 68 with the possible methods / solutions!


Fix Valorant Error Code 68

This guide will practically address the particular error, “Valorant has encountered a connection error, please re-launch the game” with the error code 68 shown along with this error window. A lot of players reported that they are experiencing Error Code 68 that pops out randomly during matches or while in-game. Error Code 68 is one of the many annoying error codes in Valorant.

There are possible various causes for this particular error and so carefully follow along the video tutorial or the text guide written below to get this problem fixed.

Video Tutorial

Step-By-Step Guide

Solution #1: Add Valorant to Firewall Exception

The first possible fix for Valorant error code 68 is to add valorant to firewall exception.

Open up Start Menu and search for Firewall & Network Protection and open it up.


Click on the Allow an app through Firewall and click on the Change Settings button with the administrator shield icon.


Click on Allow another app button then browse for your Valorant shortcut file on desktop. Select the shortcut file and hit open button. It will add an app called RiotClientServices.


Then add another app then navigate to your Valorant installation path. Open up the Valorant Folder.


Open the live folder and add the Valorant.exe application to the firewall.


This will add an app called BootstrapPackagedGame, and make sure that it is allowed for both private and public networks.


Allow another app one last time, while on the same path navigate through Valorant Installation Path – “Valorant/live/shootergame/binaries/win64/” and then add the VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe to the exceptions.


Be sure to have the rules for Valorant, BootstrapPackagedGame and RiotClientServices apps to be allowed both for private and public networks by ticking the respective checkboxes.

Solution #2: Change DNS on Windows

Another step that we can do to fix valorant error code 68 is to change dns on Windows.


Right click on your Windows network icon or wifi icon and click on Open Network & Internet Settings.


Click on Change adapter options then right click your network or wifi adapter click on properties.


Find Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) then click on properties.


Click on the Use the following DNS addresses automatically. and enter the following respectively:

Preferred DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:

Save all the changes and restart your computer.

Solution #3: Use VPN Temporarily to play Valorant

Lastly, if all solution fails, try using a vpn and see if the valorant error code 68 gets fixed.

There had been reports that Valorant has some issues with routing with different ISPs as of the moment hence one way to temporarily address this concern rather than wait till it gets fixed by riot is to use VPN.

Signup for a free account (3-servers available for free) then download and install ProtonVPN.


After installation, run the VPN and try playing the game if you still encounter error code 68.

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