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How to fix Valorant High Ping Spikes in Philippines / SEA Server


Learn how to fix Valorant High Ping Spikes in Philippines/SEA Server.


In this video-article tutorial, I’ll be showing you how you can address this high ping issue on Valorant especially if you are playing on Philippines, SEA Server or anywhere in ASIA.

I will be showing you 5 methods that could possible fix this issue so follow them carefully by reading through this article or following the video guide below.

Video Tutorial

Fix Valorant High Ping Spikes in SEA Server / Philippines

Valorant Launcher Update Account

Riot may have messed up some settings or configurations on your account that may be causing this high ping issue.

One way to fix this is to click on the update account option on your Valorant Launcher.

Open up the Valorant Launcher and hover your mouse on the small question mark icon.

Click on the update your account, then login your account and proceed with the instructions.

Another solution you can try to fix this is to change DNS on Windows.

Change DNS on Windows Lan/Wifi Adapter

First, to change your dns go to your Windows Taskbar and right click your network icon.

Click on “Open Network and Internet Sharing Settings”.

On the Settings Window, click on the Change Adapter Options.

Right-click your network adapter/wifi adapter click on properties.


Select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) then click on the properties button.

Click on the Use the following DNS server addresses option and enter the following:

Hit ok and close all the windows once done and restart your computer.

Another solution that might fix this issue is to set the Valorant game on High Priority.

Set Valorant to High Priority on Task Manager

Launch first Valorant wait until the game is fully loaded up into the lobby.

Go to your task bar and open up Task Manager.

Right Click Valorant and click on Go to details.

Right click the Valorant-Win64-Shipping and Valorant process and set it to High Priority.

Test and check if that fixes the problem.

Another solution that you can do is to reduce the Max FPS in game.

It has been discussed that lowering the Max FPS setting on some setup reduces the latency up to 10-20 ms.

Reduce the In-game Max FPS

Launch your Valorant game and go to the Settings > Video Tab.

Change the Max FPS Always to 50-60 or even 40 and see if that fixes your problem.

Another possible fix for this one is to disable Windows Firewall or Add Valorant to exception.

Disable Firewall / Add Valorant Executables to Exception

Open up Start Menu and search for Firewall & Network Protection and open it up.


Click on the Allow an app through Firewall and click on the Change Settings button with the administrator shield icon.


Click on Allow another app button then browse for your Valorant shortcut file on desktop. Select the shortcut file and hit open button. It will add an app called RiotClientServices.


Then add another app then navigate to your Valorant installation path. Open up the Valorant Folder.


Open the live folder and add the Valorant.exe application to the firewall.


This will add an app called BootstrapPackagedGame, and make sure that it is allowed for both private and public networks.


Allow another app one last time, while on the same path navigate through Valorant Installation Path – “Valorant/live/shootergame/binaries/win64/” and then add the VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe to the exceptions.


Be sure to have the rules for Valorant, BootstrapPackagedGame and RiotClientServices apps to be allowed both for private and public networks by ticking the respective checkboxes.

You can also try to update your account using riots troubleshooting page if in any case your account has been set to a different location.

Change Region of Riot Account

It is possible that if you had your account created already before (if you’ve played League of Legends on any server or basically just played the game before) chances that your account might be connecting on a different region.

Click on the change account region button and login your account and follow along the instructions.

If that automatic change region page fails, you might have to submit a support ticket here.

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