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Disable new expanding address bar on Firefox 75 (Awesomebar)


Disable the new expanding / enlarging address bar called Awesomebar on Firefox 75 with just few easy steps!


Some users find the new feature annoying and unnecessary thus in this video I’ll be showing you how you could disable the said feature.

Video Tutorial

Firefox 75.0 “Awesomebar” Update

In the latest update of Mozilla with it’s browser, it has brought a lot of improvements, changes and modifications including the “revamped” address bar which brings a whole new experience to accustomed previous users and also to new users.

The newly implemented address bar in Firefox 75 is called “Awesomebar” which by behaviour expands itself whenever the user focuses it’s input devices into it and allows to have a better and wider view of the url / address bar.

However this update seemed not to be fitting to everyone thus a simple how-to-guide on how you could disable firefox’s 75 new address bar (“Awesomebar”) is one-click-away in this article.

Firefox 75.0 Official Release Notes


With today’s release, a number of improvements will help you search smarter, faster. Type less and find more with Firefox’s revamped address bar:

Focused, clean search experience that’s optimized for smaller laptop screens

Top sites now appear when you select the address

Improved readability of search suggestions with a focus on new search terms

Suggestions include solutions to common Firefox issues

On Linux, the behavior when clicking on the Address Bar and the Search Bar now matches other desktop platforms: a single click selects all without primary selection, a double click selects a word, and a triple click selects all with primary selection


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