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How to install Google Play Store on Windows 11 (Easy) | Run Android apps on Windows 11


I’ll be sharing with you the easiest method and how can you actually install google play store directly on your windows 11 without having to install third-party apps or emulators.


So far this is the easiest method that I’ve actually tried myself hence let’s now go to our desktop so that I can show you how can we actually install google play store or android apps directly on your windows 11.

Step-by-step guide: Let’s install google play store on Windows 11

Windows Toolbox

First, let’s now go ahead and open up our web browser go ahead and proceed to this link and you’ll be shown with the github page of the powershell windows toolbox.

This is an open source application that we are going to be using to be able to install the google play store easily on your windows 11.

What you will have to do is to just simply go ahead and scroll down to the middle part of the page until you see this command under the “How to Use” section.

Next, go ahead and go to the start menu and look for powershell right click the windows powershell and make sure to run it as administrator.

Hit the yes button if you are prompted with the uac and once the powershell is loaded up, go ahead and paste the link that we’ve just copied a while ago and hit the enter button on your keyboard.


Then you will now be shown with this particular window right here:

What we’re interested in is to go first on the back up and restore and click on the create restore point we are going to create first a system restore point so that we can go back or undo all the changes that we’ve made in case something goes wrong during the process of installation.

Once the restore point has been created, it will take you back to the windows toolbox app you simply go ahead and look for the install google play store for windows 11 button.

You’ll be shown with this window right here if you’re shown with this prompt right here wherein the pc will automatically restart after enabling the windows subsystem for android just simply type in yes in the command line.

After a successful restart on your computer or your laptop, we can now go ahead and go back to our web browser and then go to the previous link that we’ve opened a while ago which is the github page for the powershell windows toolbox project.

We will have to reopen the windows toolbox by copying and pasting the command from the github page once again.

Once the windows toolbox is opened we’re going to scroll down on the bottom once again and click on the install google play store for windows 11.

It will ask us a different prompt this time around which is to download new version of windows subsystem for android with google play store service compatibility all we have to do is just enter p on our keyboard to proceed with this process go ahead and copy the link as shown on the screen and download the compressed file.

Once downloaded, you will be able to see the windows subsystem for android update 7z file which is compress zip file so we’re just going to right click on this one and click on the copy as path.

Next, go ahead and paste the path of the file on this command line right here once you’ve pasted the path for the windows subsystem for android 7 7z compressed file all you have to do is just hit the enter button on your keyboard all you have to do again is to just wait for this process to complete

Once it is done you will be shown with all of this apps right here such as this windows subsystem for android app that shows you a progress that it is currently starting up that particular app.

All we have to do is go to this optional diagnostic prompt that we might be shown just simply click on the continue button and we are just going to wait until this process is complete and it should automatically turn on the developer options and you will be shown with a notification indicating that the google play protect is currently turned on.


Hence, the google play store is now currently installed on our windows 11.

To open up the google play store simply go to the search button on your task bar and then search “play store” and you’ll be able to see the google play store app installed directly on your windows 11.

All you have to do is just right click on the app and click on the pin to start or pin the taskbar for easier access.

Did everything went well while following this guide? If yes, then you’ve successfully installed Google Playstore directly on your Windows 11.

Having a hard time to follow through the instructions? Here’s a video guide for you!

Video Tutorial (Run android apps on Windows 11, no emulators!)


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