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How to limit wifi / lan users on PLDT Fibr Router (NO QOS)


Learn how you can limit wifi / lan users on PLDT Fibr Router without the need of QOS.


In this article, I included a video tutorial to demonstrate the needed steps to do this kind of feature on your laptop / desktop without the need of router QOS.

Video Tutorial

Download Arcai-Net Cut

Steps & Guide

Step (1/5): Enable telnet switch using fiberhomesuperadmin account.

PLDT Fibr Superadmin Credentials (2020): Click here

Step (2/5): Enable telnet Client on Windows

Step (3/5): Disable AP Isolation Telnet Credentials: Username: gepon or gpon Password gepon or gpon Command to be used: control port_fw_eligiblity_switch disable

Note: If you experience unkown command on Telnet you can SKIP this part and continue to STEP 4 & 5.

Step (4/5): Install Arcai Netcut on Windows or Android (Download Link Above)

Step (5/5): Configure / limit speeds of users!


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