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How to remove background using one-click method in Adobe Photoshop CC 2020


Learn how you can remove background from your photos using one-click method on Adobe Photoshop CC 2020!


I will teach you two methods on how you can remove backgrounds easily on Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 using the one-click method and the fastest masking technique workflow to remove backgrounds on images easily!

Follow along in this video tutorial, that can be located below or follow along the step-by-step guide on this article.

Video Tutorial

Sample Photos


Step-by-Step Guide

One-click Background Removal Method

This feature is a new feature made available only on Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 version.

  1. Go ahead and open up the image layer that you want to remove the background image on.
  2. Make sure that the layer is unlocked, then go to the Windows options and be sure to open properties panel.
  3. While clicking on the unlocked layer, scroll down on the properties panel until you see the “Quick Actions” part where you can find a remove background button.
    • If the button is disabled, then try converting your layer into a rasterized layer or a smart object.
  4. Simply click the remove background button.
  5. Wait until it finishes processing detecting the subject and it will now separate the subject from the background.

Masking Method

  1. Go ahead and open up the image layer that you want to remove the background image on.
  2. Click on the quick selection tool on the left toolbar of Adobe Photoshop CC 2020.
  3. Click on the select and mask button on the upper center of Photoshop while selecting a layer and using the quick selection tool.
  4. Use the quick selection tool brush to brush around the areas which you want to include into the mask.
    • Tip: You can change the color on the upper right side of the select and mask Window. Also, you can change the View Mode to “Overlay” and adjust the opacity depending on your preference.
  5. Once you’ve made your selection, go ahead and use the refine edge tool just below the quick selection brush.
  6. Adjust the brush accordingly (don’t use too small brush it’ll take a lot of time to process or too big brush since it will mess up details)
    • Tip: Use ALT + Scroll to zoom in/out on the image and use the SPACEBAR to move around the image to get close around the edges.
  7. Once you have a clean mask, adjust the feather to 2-4 and feather to 1-3 (not too high) and on the output settings, tick the “decontaminate” option to further clean your mask.
  8. Once done hit the ok button and it will now create your mask.
  9. Voila! You have separated the subject from the background.

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