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PLDT: Limit Wifi Speed using Telnet on PLDT Fibr Router


This will be a step-by-step guide on how you could limit wifi speeds using the telnet method on your PLDT Fibr router.

NOTE: On the video, a lot got confused about the set part, I wasn’t hitting the enter key but rather I was pressing tab to fill up the next possible command automatically.

I made this tutorial step-by-step to clear out any confusion.


Before we start you’ll be needing to know a few things.


You must know what kind of router are you using, this method is only tested on router model AN5506-04-FA.

Next, get the latest admin credentials on this article / guide and included on that guide is a video tutorial on how you could login to a full admin account on a PLDT Fibr router.

All set? So let’s get started!

Video Tutorial

Step by step guide

First go to your browser then log in to the fiberhomesuperadmin account.

(Don’t know how or what’s the username and password? Click here)

Enable the telnet switch and web admin switch under the debug switch and hit the apply button. After that, logout.

Login now to adminpldt account check again the credentials here;

The username and passwords vary depending on your router model and version.

Upon logging in, click on the broadband settings under the network tab.

Enable all 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz binding namely SSID 1, SSID 2, SSID 3, and SSID 4 by ticking the checkbox then scroll down and hit the apply button.

By enabling these bindings you’re making sure that later when you create different wifi networks those wifi networks will have internet connection.

By default if you create other wifi networks they will have no internet that’s the fix for that one.

Next enable the telnet on your windows by going to start menu and search for apps & features.

Scroll down to the bottom and click on the Programs and Features under related Settings.

On the left pane, click the turn windows features on or off. Enable telnet client by checking the box and click on the apply button.

After than open a command prompt as administrator

  • (Windows 10) right clicking on your start menu > Command Prompt as administrator
  • (Other versions) search for command prompt > right click on it > Run as Administrator.

Type in telnet (or your router ip address). (mine is

For the login, type in gepon or gpon (whichever works for you) and password gepon or gpon.

Upon logging in, type in enable then the password that worked for you gepon or gpon.

Next, type in “cd pon”, if you don’t have this one or you’re redirected to gpon then this tutorial won’t work for you. Your router have no limiting functionality for wifi ssid’s.

After that, type in:

set ssid_rate_limit ssid <0-7> dir all max_rate <BW in kbps>


  • <0-7> = 0-3 are the first four 2.4 Ghz SSID or WIFI ID’s and 4-7 are the four 5Ghz SSID or WIFI ID’s.
  • <BW in kbps> = Bandwidth speed in Kb/s for example 5 Mbps speed is 5000 kbps.
  • So to limit the first 2.4Ghz wifi with only 5 Mbps the command is:
  • set ssid_rate_limit ssid 0 dir all max_rate 5000

To remove the limit just set the max_rate to 0 and it will remove any wifi speed limit.

Example: To remove the 5 Mbps limit on the first 2.4Ghz wifi the command is “set ssid_rate_limit ssid 0 dir all max_rate 0”

After that, that’s it! Try connecting to that particular wifi and you’ll notice that it’s already limited to what you’ve set.

Enjoy and goodluck!


8 thoughts on “PLDT: Limit Wifi Speed using Telnet on PLDT Fibr Router”

  1. Hello! I tried everyhing here it worked pero until andun na sa cmd and i t-type na yung line sa pag set/unset ng ssid nakalagay unknown command saakin. 🙁

    i have a screenshot pero hindi pala siya lumalabas.

    Pero what I orignally wanted was isang SSID lang since isa lang naman ang router namin and we only use it at home and we’re not planning to connect it to another router, if ever we would only use a repeater. Hope you can help us out! thanks!

    P.S. Note that I ‘ve tried the setting the max rate to 5000 and then unsetting it afterwards both does not work. As well as setting it directly to max rate 0.

    Thanks! hoping for your repsonse asap T^T

    1. Hi MyMy!

      Unkown command means either hindi sya supported ng router mo. Can you try entering the command “list” and see if mayroong set ssid_rate_limit command na lumabas sa list of commands?

      If wala, I suggest to follow the other method of limiting wifi speed using netcut 🙂

      Best regards,


  2. How to unlock the speed of 2.4ghz wifi recently nakuha ko lang speed is 50mbps tapos yung 5g namin is 100mbps tsaka yung lan. I wonder lang bakit ganon sir 🙂

    1. Hi Walter! Most probably 802.11g ang standard ng 2.4 Ghz PLDT wifi mo kaya 50 Mbps lng ang max nya. The maximum speed for 802.11g (2.4 Ghz) is 54 Mbps kaya if you have 100 Mbps, I suggest to use the 5Ghz instead para ma maximize mo yung speed. However, If you can change the standard from 802.11g to 802.11n, you can unlock up to 300 Mbps speed over 2.4 Ghz however not all routers/devices support 802.11n lalo na kapag old ang router/modem/devices.

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